You say what? No! I understand
You’re angry do I get you? No,
I don’t. Am I dead? No! I’m not
But fine! I hear you.

Yes I’m strong but I’m also living.
Yes I’m there to protect but why
I’m the one to blame?

I mean my power is determined by you
You love too much and I can’t keep
That away from you.

You always complain, why don’t I
Block the attacks? But why do you
Let them penetrate through you first?

I’m also human and I get tired, not
That I don’t want to help but simply
Because it’s hard to pick up the pieces
Of the breakage.

Fine! I promise I will try
Fine! No one will make it through me
Yes, I will be the breadwinner
And you will never drop any tear again
Instead you smile till death.

Don’t worry I’m here for you
Don’t worry I will conquer your pain
Only because you are an inspiration.