Do you still remember my love?
Our lives together when it was just you and me
Where other species didn’t exist
Just you and me
The love we shared, dreams we had for our future together
The jokes we shared

Do you remember?
How we spent our time doing things we both loved.
Do you?
Remember the first time we kissed?
The first time that we made love

Will you remember my sugar-bun?
The promises we made in love and in sickness
That we would always love each other no matter what
That we would never hurt one another?

Time went by, so did the years
Things started to happen little by little
At first neither of us wanted to admit what we were going through

Like every other couple we had our ups and downs
But always we would find our way to each other
Because of our strong emotions and the deep feelings we shared
No one understood us and what we had, but we did

We had a good thing going there even I say so myself
But circumstances were there all along in the end we grew apart
So much that neither of us was willing to compromise

The only thing that is left of us were memories to keep with us forever
Who knows maybe one day, in another life,
Different circumstances
We might find our way into each other again