A subversive thought
comes my way
in a library local
one fine day

(after all one is free
to think one’s thoughts
in the glorious motherland)

New books are spread
on a librarian’s workspace
and I grin from one ear
sniffing in their fragrance

Older books too come out
though their scent
might be described
somewhat otherwise

I sniff away
after all folks
sniff all sorts

The Book Sniffer
a different take
on Markus Zusak’s
The Book Thief

Might one become
addicted and dependent
for one’s daily fix

How might one
be defended
in court

(a thirst for knowledge
made me do it your honour)

What might its punishment be
Might one be sentenced to
Reading for Enjoyment

Rather than for points
to be check-boxed off

Has the silly season begun already?! A librarian-local got me going (is my line)!