I’m forced to be indoors
To hide from the violence of burning tires
Unable to be a passenger
Taxis nowhere to be seen
Stranded in my own home
Can’t go to work

Emergency calls are needed
Yet unable to drag my feet to a shop
For a purchase of an airtime voucher
Whoever is seen on the road
Is forced to participate on the aggressive violence

There is a nuisance of my growling stomach
With no other way to get a loaf of bread
Every store closed, many destroyed
People looting everything

More depression consumes me
I think about my mother
Who’s wrestling with diabetes
Unable to attend a clinic
For her medication

I can’t travel to work
Unable to contact my employers
My heart beating wildly
Afraid to lose my employment

The blocking of roads
Has devastated my jovial mood
Turned my life miserable
But it shall all pass.