I can’t blame you for liking the boy that I do,
and I can’t blame him for choosing you.
He shows you his love, he tells you all the time.
And I’m just getting so tired of being constantly behind.

OK I can’t blame you but I HAVE to,
‘cause someone needs to take the blame
for all this pain that I feel in my chest,
right under my left breast.

If can’t blame you then who!?
Not my knight in shining armour but, you.
For being the home-wrecking witch,
and I know I still can’t blame you
for the home that exists only in my mind
but I gave him my love and he declined
so I NEED to blame someone.

I’m sorry for wasting your time,
I just want you to understand
why I’m always so unkind.
It’s because if I don’t blame you
then I’ll have to face the truth:
That I love him but he loves you
and NO it’s not your fault that
I’m not good enough but
I’m just not ready to admit that
so instead I’ll let us go back into
our triangle with my heart beating
a broken rhythm begging: LOVE ME!
and his going: I LOVE YOU
and yours replying: I LOVE ME TOO.