Here comes the black boy
He is…

The approach me and I lock my car boy
The come closer and I’ll hold my bag closer boy
The police come and he’s the number one suspect boy
The usual suspect boy
The watch him closely when he’s in a shop boy

The don’t believe he has a black card boy
The he probably stole that gold boy
The he has a lot of kid’s he’s neglected boy
The he’s a criminal or an ex-convict boy
The he has STI’s boy
The he’s not educated boy

The he forged his qualifications boy
The he has a degree but he’ll stay a junior employee boy
The he isn’t meant to prosper boy
The minimum wage will suit you just fine boy
The we have to check you twice boy
The Ill mannered, we know you come from a bad family boy

The change women every night disloyal boy
The you’re either a user or a dealer boy
The poverty stricken no future boy
The can’t do better than white kids boy
The if he do better, don’t say it boy
The get recognition last in private schools boy

The sit at the back and go unnoticeable boy
The not good enough for Olympic sports boy
The we’re surprised you can play chess boy
The get paid and pay black tax boy
The work like a slave and earn peanuts boy
The be a slave because that’s your worth boy

The don’t own land boy
The don’t own a home boy
The don’t drive a comfortable car boy
The why celebrate your birth boy
The you will grow up to be a statistic boy
The you’re cursed because you’re black boy

The your skin is too dark boy
The hair is too strong boy
The your tongue is too hard boy
The you’re blackness is too black boy.
The you’ll forever be just a black boy, boy.

All that stigma attached to you
Even when you were just a seed boy
And all you ever did; was to be black.