I ran out of thoughts and ideas
I couldn’t wipe these tears
And I was full of fear
Fear of losing you to ignorance
Fear of losing you to self-blame

I had to betray you
I sacrificed the trust you gave me
I wish I had done things differently
I wish I had said something before
I regret betraying you

You trusted me
All I wanted to do was to save you
Save you from the pit you have put yourself into
Telling was all I could do to save you
I pushed myself to betray your trust
Don’t ever think it was easy for me

The thought of losing you as a friend wasn’t bigger than the thought
of losing you to death
I had to do this
For me, for you, for us
You were all I had
I wouldn’t let you go

You were the air I breathe
You die, I die
I betrayed you, your trust and the love you gave me
I did it for me, my trust and the love I wanted to continue giving
I was not going to let you take yourself away from me
I had to save what is mine
I betrayed you and broke your trust for a reason