The art, of conversation, is, whatever, nothing
(for the folk who are impatient with ‘the youth’)

What are you thinking?

How might one think nothing?
You know what I mean?

What do you mean?
SMS me sometime

Accuse your nose-studded offspring of being vague
Of being apathetic, politically speaking
Pregnant while falling, prey to the violence
Of soapies
(no culture of reading, except to vomit out facts in an exam)

Stop loving life and the permissiveness of the new South Africa
Level a playing field or two
Buy South African!

Return to family values (before the next election)
Spank your children, responsibly and lovingly,
In the context of obedience
In the name of the old republic

Keep your wife (not partner) illiterate,
Barefoot and pregnant in the bedroom
Pregnant and barefoot in the kitchen
At this point in time

The right way
Know your place
In the food chain of colonialism,
Ja baas
Do you follow?

It’s nothing
So get with the programme,
In the national interest, of course