Because it kisses you with joy,
And pride plays you as a toy.
That’s what makes you go on a rampage
Being tamed in an iceberg.

The love sprout in electronics,
It has positive and negative,
You don’t really find what’s really native;
That’s what turns you into particles.

All times, be aware of who you do trust
‘Cause salt and sugar are same in colour
But different in taste,
So don’t be in haste.

Person may tell you,
“Dream about me,” but s/he dreams of hue!
Beware the sky, it may be the limit
But the limit looks like blue.

Beware of cats on roads,
They appear in many colours
But play similar behaviours,
Don’t be sceptical of a second,
‘Cause it passes forever,
And people are deep like sea
And have banks like river.

Be aware of gratification that kills you,
You need your own justification.
We are filled with hearts that are like ice.
We are cold to cover ourselves
And warm to discover ourselves,
In reality we don’t appreciate ourselves.