Love, don’t lie
I have done a lot in life
Yet your body gives me another paper to read
Is the knowledge I gained from physics, biology and chemistry
Not enough to explain you!
Yes I have done
Biology, physics and chemistry
Study of natural forces in physics I inhaled
The way substances behave under pressure in chemistry
Study of living things, biology
Day and night as a dreamer
I could immerse myself into such matter
Even geography too was my prey
But how is your nature?
Oooooh the amazing nature

My brain maybe interprets false images
As the your is formed upside down on my Latina
But I know it’s explainable in physics
I did really know
Neon fly sparkle light at night
During the day we depend on the sun
Yes non-luminous we are
But this paradox raids your body
Non-luminous are luminous and vice-versa
Give me another paper to dip my nose into
So don’t tell me
You have pseudo body
Yes the nature with natural light
Oooooh! The amazing nature

Why my body moves whilst still standing
When my eyes caught your nature
Yes my heart pumps blood faster
Unknown forces attract me to you
Are you charged statically or electrically
That I should be drawn toward you
Magnets have poles
Yes the north and south poles
Don’t pronounce to me
You have aligned tiny invisible magnets in my body
As the magnetism domain theory says
That I should experience your attractive forces
Oooooh! The amazing nature