How does your existence come to be?
The mountains stay still so to feel your warm light brush against their leaves, rocks and thorns at dawn
The darkness’ attempt to contain you is futile and worthless
I wear a grin on my face as I await your arrival and nothing less

Do you feel what I feel inside?
I look beyond all existence just to see you and my happiness coincide
I feel your darker than orange but lighter than red
Colours as they gently but firmly caress my cold face
My gut sinks with joy when you arrive and I know this is fate!

Can you stay here just a little bit longer?
You warm me up mildly and save me from this winter cold
You melt the frost from the grass and help my mother’s crops grow old
You dry my clothes that hang up high on the washing line
Because when darkness comes, you are my lifeline

Same time, same place tomorrow?
Hopefully, without the sad and envious clouds who like to overcast
Oh yes, and next season you’ll arrive a bit earlier!
Because whatever changes alter my life and make it bad
You are the realest and most consistent good.