I come from the blood of a man
I have never met
I have asked many questions
But answers I never get

Do I look like him?
I wonder
Do we have the same eyes or hair?
Is he dark or is he fair?
Is he thin and lanky or short and chubby?
I wonder, I wonder, I wonder

Born into a world of continuous holes and confusion
Who is my father?
Nobody knows
Is this a delusion?

Surely, every child is born of two
A man and a woman, isn’t this true?
Yet, where is my father?
I ask you
I wonder, I wonder, I wonder

Is such a man a “MAN?”
Or simply just a boy?
A boy who tossed me, as if I were an unwanted toy
Such a person is not a father

His absence hasn’t killed me
It’s only made me stronger
Alas, comes the sad realization
My “father” is alive only in my imagination
Such is the story of how I came to be
My mother once met a stranger and made me