I just wanna love you
But I need to know
Am I really in this with you
Is it me overthinking things
Please tell me how you feel
Please open up to me
Let me in, cause I’m left with a question mark
So don’t leave me in the dark
Am I really not in this alone
My biggest fear is drowning with no one to save me
So am I misinterpreting this
Please don’t leave me in the dark
Lemme walk by your side in that dark room
Let’s face your fears together
Do me a favour
Don’t leave me hanging asking for more than you can give
You hold my hand too tight
Say you care about me too much
Said you’re better and sane with me in your life
You ain’t opening up, and I understand
We might be going through some stuff, but I’ll stick around
I think about you most of the time
Replay our memories in my head
Wake up missing the feeling of being in your arms
You say you’ve never done this before
But I feel like it’s like we’ve been in this for some time
Just pull me into your arms, give me assurance
It’s hard to say goodbye
Pains more to part ways with you every time
I’m attached and scared of how consuming my feelings can be
I hope you give me a different version of love
So you can stay in my life as long as you want