I’m from a place where there’s plenty of talent but only few succeed
Because born-leaders are sitting in the corner selling weed.

I’m from a city
Where a lady gets married only if she’s pretty.
Where women have the thought to tie the knot,
With a wealthy-man they love not.

I’m from a place where bloggers
do a blog about a dog that went for a jog with joggers.
But will never write even two sentences
About a poor man’s circumstances.

I’m from a place where we used to confide to pastors with all our trust
But they’ve turned into imposters that are filled with lust.

I’m from a place
Where poverty & agony is tattooed in your face.
Where you know the grill is to go steal
So you can have your first meal.

I’m from a place where ‘you’re just a thing’
if you don’t have a bling.
Where street-vendors ‘sell food’ so they can ‘buy food’ for their offspring.

I’m from a place where gossips gather
And talk about a young father
Who doesn’t care for his child who’s four.

Where you arrive but never make it out alive.
Where only the fittest survive.

Where you feel safe around skollies
But vulnerable around police.

Where you shake hands with friends,
But deep down they wish your life ends.

I’m from a place
Where it’s never your place to save a stranger
Who’s in danger.

I’m from a place where they say ‘he is just smart’
But they don’t know how his art
Is close to his heart.

A place that can’t be described in few lines stitched together in a rhyme;
That breeds leaders but it’s still notorious for its crime.

I’m from a place that follows you wherever you relocate,
Where love is overshadowed by hate.

I’m from the Eastern Cape
And that is not a place you can just escape.


Ndibulele Sotondoshe is FunDza’s in-house writer, check out his Inspiring Tomorrow blogs.