All I had for you was pure love
You made me believe you’ll take care of me like an angel from above
Now I’m drowning in my own tears
Showed so real in these eyes of mine
Now I’m stuck with love fears
Thought you will keep me alive while I was dying
Believed you will keep me smiling
But I was crying

I refused to love again
That pain made me feel like there was a hole
By the spot my heart should be
It got me looking but I could not see
I wished we’ve never been

Yes, that pain cuts me deep
I was stupid should’ve known you were trouble from the first time
I’m not trying to make you feel special for doing it
This is just me saying goodbye

The pain you brought me made me wise
Yeah, you lied, I was hurt and now I got better
Someone who is worth the price
Someone I know, someone you know
Yeah, baby I’ve got