Looking outside the window
Looking at the star above the world
Hoping you will be in my dreams tonight
Going to bed
Switching the light off

I can feel that you are next to me
I can feel your breath
I feel your lips touching mine
And it’s going too deep
It’s a deep Ohhh!!
That kiss

When I’m opening my eye
I see you in front of me
I can see I’m holding you tonight
I can see we’re surrounded by trees
It seems it is a picnic day
I’m glad I’m in your arms

My mind is thinking of you
But I’m glad you are with me
Holding on to me
When you put your hand on my face
You got close to me
I feel your chest closing against mine

And you gave me that kiss
You go through my ears
You whisper in my ears
‘I love you’ and you gave me that kiss again
It’s deep when I open my eye
I’m still in my bed holding a pillow
In my arms I knew that it was a dream

No matter how far you are
I will always think of you