Late nights in autumn
Veronica is bred, a flower blooms
The leaves so beautiful and shielded because too soon
A shining star above the moons
Eddying away like a floating balloon

Left, right
Up, down
Moving slow, apart like accordions

Thanks for the dance
It was well
As it rang, the doleful knell
Oh, it was hell

We danced in the rain
We danced in the dark
Danced till delight shone in our eyes

We laughed in pain
Although life threatened us, oh it was well
Clothing the truth in lies, it was in vain
In the above we dwell
Oh it is well, yes it is well

I loved your face from afar
There, it was gone
I loved you at dawn
Our kisses deep and warm
I loved your moods
I loved it all

And now you’re gone
You’re really gone