You became a seed of success,
A seed that grew to inspire and empower the nation
A man great at heart and always led by example
You gave us courage and strength to be stronger

Tata Nelson Mandela,
You made the impossible to be possible
Even after many years of oppression you fought for freedom of expression
You taught us to forgive after all the hardships we faced as a nation

Tata Nelson Mandela,
You became a rose that rose between the thorns of apartheid
and discrimination
You made us unite as a nation
A hero for all living in Africa
A father of the nation,
loved by millions of people around the world
Your words of wisdom forever live in us Thank you Tata,
for giving us freedom, dignity,
wisdom and power to move forward
Your legacy will forever live on
Tata Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela
Freedom has really rained on Africa
because of your struggles

A freedom fighter, politician, husband, an icon, a friend
And a father of South Africa!