Thandiwe, from the beginning
You were my loved one.
I couldn’t doubt you
I kept you and I respected you
You were the hope about Loving someone.

I loved you since from the first place.
The moment my eyes saw you
My heart fell for you
And I honestly lived for you
Any day without seeing you
Comes harder like pressuring my feelings.

You loved me and I knew that.
You gave me everything you had
You gave me that feeling you had
You proved that love in my world
You bound your heart with my soul
You sacrificed your soul for me!

Nevertheless, i disappointed you
So with the love we had before
Let’s sit down and fix everything
With the love we had
Let’s hold on in our memories
Your left, left thoughts in my mind.

‘Hey, Thandiwe!’
I tried to live without you.
But that tremendously kept me hurt.
Actually, you became everything my heart needs.
Particularly the breathe my heart needs to inhale.

Can you hear my voice once more?
Can you feel the same way you felt for me before?
Can we rebound our love again?
Can I still be that Edson, whom you loved before?

I promise to be true this time.
I am sorry for my undiplomatic attitude.
I still love you my baby
Can you just turn back that little clock on your wall?
And I will manage my next steps baby.
Can you hear my voice once more?