My twin, my brother, my friend, my all
Used to be my high school study mate, schoolmate,
Classmate, desk mate, and so on
The love I’ve got for him is God’s love
Very loyal, true, constant, and abundant

He knows my family, I also do
Our backgrounds are slightly the same
But our styles are so different
Still I love and cherish his presence

He’s my helper and inspiration
The only person I’d call for help at midnight
And he has never hesitated to rescue me
So do I

I managed to rebuild his character
Changing the “kasi” mind to class
I am and always will be his mentor
I am one of the main reasons he does not
Give up until he gets what he wants

He improved my brightness
Because he is more clever than me!
But you’ll never hear him brag about that
Even just now he has called
And reminded me that I matter in his life
Oh! Lord, thank you for such a blessing
How I love my best male friend