I remember the first time
When we met at the taxi rank at Marble Hall,
You came to me, had a chat with me,
Asked for my numbers and I refused.
I asked to go to the toilet and you walked me there.
We had a good chat
I ended up giving you my tend, oh boy.

A whole taxi driver I have accepted in my life,
Regardless of how you look, I accepted you,
Regardless of your job I welcomed you in my heart,
My life dammit.

After some days you called me,
I just fell in love the moment you said hello.
Communicating with you was nice, I felt good,
I never felt like that in my life.
Ever since I started dating the feeling was new of course.

Few days you came to see me, you kissed me,
Touched me here and there, I mean A and Z.
Just a few days of being with me Thabo you have changed.
I always fight for your attention,
If it’s not taxi this, it’s position that.
If it’s not I’m going to Marble Hall it’s
I’m going to Kwagga,
If you’re not answering your calls, it’s voicemail.

Like Thabo I was very happy for you.
I loved you like a lot at first sight.
Why though. Why, like why…today you lied to me…
I left 107 missed calls yet you never came back to me.

Thabo you broke my heart.
Imagine, a whole law student fell for a taxi driver.
What did I do wrong.

What’s going on Thabo, talk to me.
You said you were single, you said you are not married,
You said you don’t have a baby mama, and
You’re looking for a serious relationship.
I became what you wanted then you bounce,
You can take three days without communicating with me.
Three days without checking up on me.

Thabo ulibambe, linga shoni, izinyembezi zam azi weli phansi.
You broke my heart, I’m not even sure if I’ll ever love again

Thabo you broke my heart.