I have always dreamt of studying at a university,
Now that I have got hold of that opportunity.
I feel like there is so much part of me on the line,
Iā€™m talking leaving home, family and friends behind.
I have to be in a long distance with my lover for a long time,
How will I survive? How will I adapt? Those are questions on my mind.

But crying over spilt milk will not help,
Because on this strange place I’m all by myself.
Strange because it is full of unsupervised youth,
Strange because you have all the freedom in your own hands.
Strange because no one shouts at you when you smoke or booze,
Strange because it allows one to forget all the laws of the parents.

A strange place surrounded by teenage pregnancy,
Where one is being laughed at when practising abstinence
Varsities have turned into a place of sinners like hell,
I guess education is the biggest devil.