Walked 8 miles to confirm the truth which I already knew.
I had more trust in you than the truth itself.
The figure that my brain cells took their time in perfecting
Had not yet reached its TRUE form.
From time to time I walk streets to streets to see the better view of the sunset,
As it sets away, I always expected the same sun to rise again.
I could be fooled by the darkness and the unexpected happening.

Stolen from my sight but replaced by another.
It gives me warmth, sight, protection and keeps me alive but does not feel the same.
The moments that were stolen still linger in my mind waiting for the impossible.
The happiest moments linger in my bloody vessel.
I smile at the new sight of joy and desperations.
I am delightful to the new sunrise.
My cheeks turn red with its warmth rendering my reinforced layers
Touching her skin will only turn my feelings to ashes.

I am tempted to touch you but you will turn my feelings to ashes.
I am tempted to gaze on your soul, but just sight of your soul would turn me blind.
Your size in silence but where the eye could see.
As far as I can see you are everywhere I go
I tend to love the unbearable