It’s 10:05 Cape Town July
I know that I shouldn’t miss you
But my heart cracks with each beat
A flatline of pain washes over closed eyes
Nearly forgotten lies spat off tongues so sharp they cut
I can’t breathe

It’s 10:05 Cape Town July
This sick joke mine, me
I cry in bed
Begging tears to burn my skin
Wishing I wouldn’t be
Praying gravity would have the mercy to set me free
My legs tied
I can’t deny that you don’t want me

It’s 10:05 Cape town July
My pillow drowning screams
Pleas from ghosts
Reminders that I’m stronger than the thoughts
Saying I need you to walk me through the fog
Where love never goes
I won’t call or answer the phone

I know locked doors keep you out
And the darkness you bring
Isn’t worth the peace singing, no,
Rejoicing at the decay of our corpse
There is no us
Maybe that leaves me alone
Or maybe it makes me able to see through
The grimy kaleidoscope of half truths

I don’t need you

It’s 10:05 Cape Town July
And you have no clue
That I sleep better
No longer knowing someone like you