I would be lying if I told you I didn’t feel anything
Your eyes were telling me something
I pretend what I feel isn’t real
I pretend my emotion you didn’t kill
I pretend that my heart you didn’t heal.

I’m trying to get rid of you but I can’t
I’m trying to get over you but I won’t
Your love is like a disease I’m affected
I’m the element you the rhythm I’m addicted.

I swear never be close to you again
Never knew that is how loneliness began
Why you always on my mind
Why to me you always so kind
Why this connection we have it’s easy to find.

What I feel for you will never end
What I feel is real I can’t pretend
That is why I can’t let you go
We have a bond, I don’t think they know
If you looking for comfort cry on my shoulder
My love for you will make you warm if you colder.

There is something about your look
That is why I decide to write this book.

During sleepless night
During deepest thoughts
I wonder a moment
Do you what I feel?
A sound from loneliness
Amazing joy and happiness
I felt a strange feeling, healing
Coming to my heart

That is what my heart desire
You like a magnet that is pulling me closer
Your heart and mine are together like a song composer
Why should I stop now?
This feeling is stronger even devil can’t allow.