I am a young intelligent lady
Who looks forward to the future.
I plan for the future even though I don’t know
What the future has for me.
But through the love of my studies,
I know I will be the successful Praise Poet
And an actress in the future.

I believe in what I am.
I am brilliant, sophisticated, and marvelous.
I may not be good at everything, but I have high dreams,
High dreams to build my better life for tomorrow.

Who am I to know how life can be to me?
How am I to judge what people are?
Who am I to fail my dreams while life is Marvelous, Brilliant, Superb
But recommendation is all I’m willing to do.

It’s everyone’s dream to have a better life in the future,
Mine is to go to matric in the next few years,
Matriculate and go to varsity.
Make myself and my parents proud