As I look outside my window
I see people carelessly cutting down trees
without God’s authorisation
As I look outside my window
I see mankind ungratefully setting
Fires on the innocent trees for charcoal
As I sit beside my naked window
I hear Zomba forests crying out loud
For my help as they lose the battle with fire
It never rains but pours as fire
Keeps on dancing manganje to the song
Sung by the charcoal burners
As fire keeps whipping the forest
With its sjambok, trees vomit dark smoke
That flies to the heavens

Tears are now a song that keeps on
Breathing in and out of its nose as
Destruction continues here on earth
The trees no longer bleed blood
But charcoal that is dark like oil
For blood is no longer in their veins
All the green colour, all the
Vegetation on its body, is now darkened
With the curse from the fearless fire

As fire continues to flow on its body
Like the Mulunguzi River, apes and baboons
Run to win their life like Usain Bolt


Zomba – one of the twenty-eight districts in Malawi, also a former capital city of Malawi
Manganje – one of the traditional dances practiced in Malawi by Yao people
Mulunguzi river – a famous river in Zomba, Malawi