I remember it as if it was yesterday,
Yes I do. My father died when I was
young. He was an old loving man with
a heart disease. His death caught us
by surprise and left me and my mother
in pain, every time I would seat near
the corner in tears. Every time my
Mother would comfort me telling me
that “He has made it”

Let’s stay strong and let our hearts
swallow our tears and move on with
life. But then the struggles were not
over yet as my mother had to support
two children, me and my baby sister
who was 9 years old. My mother could
do anything just to put food on the
table for us. She got piece jobs.

I was in grade 12, two days later she
was retrenched from work. Everything
went down like a dark sky with tearful
clouds. The pots went empty. She
stood behind the house crying. I went
near to comfort her. She looked at me
and said “Nelson my child, I have made it”
and she walked away smiling.

On Monday when I finished writing my
matrix final paper. I went home happily
Only to find my little sister crying I
Looked in my mothers room she was
No way to be found,i had street voices,
When I look at the street she was being
Beaten by a mob because she took a
Loaf bread without paying at the shop.

I ran to bag for her life but the mob
Didn’t understand. Before the burned her
Her last words were “Nelson my child I
Have made it” she smiled and gave me
The loaf of bread. I collapsed in tears
Confused, it was a hell of a life for me
And my little sister. I did piece jobs in
My neighbourhood to put food on the table.

In January my results came out only to
Find that i passed with 7 distinctions. I
Went on my knees with tears remembering
Those words “I have made it”

*Respect your parents
No matter how poor, rich, uneducated there
Are life will always be hard no matter what
You do people will always leave us or be
Taken away from us. It is our responsibility
To stay strong and keep our head up through
All odds failure or achievement is not written
In our forehead.

Always work hard even when you have failed
Or been disappointed stand and carry on with
Life your day shall come if you haven’t lost or
Failed in your life know that you are doing
nothing to achieve your goals.
Never give up.