I remember the day you filled my heart with joy
And you made me forget about my worries and enjoy
The love you provided with a smile on your face
And I believed every word you said
Because I thought our love was a fairytale
And I didn’t notice that it was for sale

And today I’m lonely in this world
Asking myself how can I be such a fool
How can I say she is mine while she is on hold?
On someone’s heart somewhere but acting cool?
While my heart is gouts of sorrows tuning into my ears
My eyes have become a fall mountain of tears

I know I don’t have money to take you out,
But I have love deep down from my heart,
I know I haven’t got any wheel,
But it is true what I feel,
I know I may not be a good looking
Guy, but I can search with you
Till you get what you are looking for

I thought you loved me the way I am
And we were going to grow old together and start a FAM
But I was so wrong because you were just passing
You never listened to what I was saying
And now I’m the one who is crying
And can’t move on because of the love you left hanging

You said you would love me forever,
But why didn’t you tell me that your forever starts to end
Because in my life and plans you were already a member
And now since you left I’m only left with your name in a stand
Because it is obvious that my feelings died in your heart
May their soul rest in peace; I bow down with my hat

I have tried to forget about you,
To forget about your name
But my mind is just caught by dew
Because people like you are so few
My life without you would never be the same
But after all it is like I’m forgetting about myself instead,
Because every night when I go to bed,
All the memories we had rounded on my head.

My wish is to wake next to you every day,
To hear the sound of your breath on my neck,
And wake up with these words, “How was your night, bae?”
And stretch up my back.
And hear the warmth of your lips on my cheek,
Feel the touch of your fingers on my skin.

And feel your heart beating with me.
And just memorise the day I put on you a ring,
And the jubilation it would bring,
But when I wake up I realised that none of that was happening
But it’s a dream
That makes the receipt of reason to be limber.

I can’t control my tears anymore
This is how I am suffering every day, baby.
Because it is vivid that I can’t have you no more,
I have to bury my feelings for you, lady.
Someone took your heart and ran with it, and he is long gone
And my heart pointed me into a wrong
Direction this time
It is time now to let your feelings go,
I am fine
Because you are the first person to break my heart
For the rest of my life.