Don’t you see what I see, I guess you need my eyes but lately they’ve been pouring like rain,
Before I close my eyes it’s like a ritual, gotta let the tears flow..

Catch them oh lord , let them not be in vain, please give me a break from this pain,
Since you’ve been gone I’ve been feeling nothing but sorrow, can’t control my hurt

Anxiety has a variety of emotions in store for me, Anger has been grabbing onto me
Sadness doesn’t stop visiting me, Paranoia keeps lying to me, Suicidal thoughts want me to give in to their submissions, Trusting is never my intention

I have failed my missions, I have fallen asleep into a pit full of tears
Now I’m sinking, I’m full of fears that are hard to conquer,
I concur with the saying that nothing comes easy but I swear these tears can betray me so easily

Tears please don’t get the better of me
Tears won’t you stop seeking for my attention
Tears don’t you get tired of raining on my face, leaving me with a red rash when it’s dry

I try to imagine a life where it all didn’t take place,
I swear it looks better than this,
It makes me think about how time is so fast

Time travel should unravel itself to me,
I don’t own a dime but I have a golden heart ,
In the olden days I used to see you being free, but now I only get to see you in my dreams
And I wonder if your soul is free
While that’s a thought, I’ll let these tears comfort me.