Following a system like robots
Delivering a curriculum mechanically
Working under adverse circumstances

Gangster-ridden areas
Problematic learners
A fight broke out
“Where’s the teacher?”

Hello! Teachers have rights!
Did you forget that we are human beings?
And not trashy things?

Did you forget that we have degrees?
Did you forget that we have dreams?
And some of us worked overseas?
When did we become your slaves?
Is this still Apartheid?

Must we take it further
Causing interesting murmurs…?
Should we contact our unions?
And hold you all in tune with them?

How about getting the department or the minister involved?
Wanna play that game with us clowns?
Are we clowns to you?

Do we act like fools?
Did you forget we have human rights too?
But often get abused!

Will you be able to handle scandal?
Will you switch to the other sandal?
Will you turn the other cheek?
To prevent yourself from being kicked!

Should we be stabbed with knives
And gunned down in classes
By mother fucking arseholes?

Will you wake up when it’s too late?
Will you make it up with a cake?
Can you even bake?
Or!… Will you buy it from a quality bakery?

Did you forget that teachers have lives?
But often have to sacrifice their time?
Their time for insolent, abhorrent youth
And with a fist shot lose a tooth

Should we emigrate?
Or is there too much at stake?
Is it too late to change our fate?

Did you forget that we have lives?
Did you forget that we have rights?
Did you forget that we are human beings?
And not just there to see to other kids?

Should we move to other schools?
Where there are different breeds and rules?
Are all teachers the same?
Or do others teach in better circumstances
With no pain?

Is the pay check worth it?
Or is there a catch attached to it?

No! We have rights!
We are humans!
We are educated beings!
We are our own special breed
Remember that as we look after your seed!