I may write you a poem
Filled with sweetest charms
It may be decorated by dense rhymes
Tell me, will you dance to the rhythm?

Love stories are sweet to listen to and read
When it’s your turn for that role,
Reality becomes a radical teacher
Every heart I know had been a victim of trust
Disappointments came after much was expected
And all those promises made
Melted like blocks of ice

Teach me to love you, Senorita
Guide me to your feelings, ma cherrie
So, that I’ll know if I had failed you
And when you leave, I’ll know my flaws

Love is a journey of every human’s heart
They tell sweet and sad speeches about their experiences
And after all the swollen erase
The quest for more never cease
They carry on hoping to find something like never before

I may sing songs for you
They may sound like recited poems
Will they stir up your loving moods?
And create a space where my ego fits?

You seem like a kind who’ve ruined many make ups by crying
All those let downs from words that were never honoured,
Brewed trust issues amidst your heart
And it seems like gates on your heart are locked for good

Teach me how to love you
Let me know my place
So that when I dance, I don’t miss a step
Guide me to your feelings, dzuvha
Show me lines I mustn’t cross
Don’t let me guess your thoughts
And I’ll understand tomorrow when you complain

Teach me how to love you