Tattoos of the battlefield
I did it to feed my pride
They did it for virility
Good? Yes it was
Fearlessly we conquered
Copses were scattered all over the battlefield
At the end of it, all our bodies were left to suffer
Eternal suffering from infinity and beyond
It was good to achieve the ultimate accolade, but a great price was paid
Decades Later the war is over and yet we see the damage it left behind
Bodies are tattooed with the scars of the battlefield
One might try to forget but that is impossible
Fear is the thing of the past
One tries to go back to the session and embark on a journey through his boyish days
Memory serves as a stain, a stain to the pure mind which corrupts the future
The war as we know it ends but the one in mind keeps on going
It’s hard forgetting about the tattoos of the war past yet it’s
Easy to laugh and share memories about it