You know the hardest things in life
Is to be supportive of a person
Who has serious problems?
And will not admit to having them

Life is like a stream
Water sometimes flowing
And sometimes still
And sometimes deep with angry waves
I’ve been on this journey for too long
And can’t go through this again

If you need help from me
Please rather seek a nearby doctor
Or try and find God
So that you can be healed peacefully

I cannot see within anyone’s heart
I have tried so hard that it has come
To the point of no retreat
Get in touch with the Deacon
Or Priest for your confessions

It’s been one of those lives for me
I tried to protect and be supportive as a friend
But what to do if you can’t talk to me?

What to do when I observe you
Are crying and are hurt inside?
Do I have to stay and look at you?
As if you are pretending?
Deep inside you are wounded while
I am beside you listening to a radio

When I said this friendship is forever
I meant every word
Now, like a dumb fool, you are
Treating me like a child
You wounded me with your words
I just met you like a week ago but
I think I know what kind of a person are you

What if you knew I put my life on hold?
To be your friend in this time of need?
Did you know I sacrificed just to keep
You happy and smiling?
Not because I feel pity for you
But to show you that I care?
When I see you crying

You make me become more worried
Like the time my mother was sick
And taken to hospital
After she passed away
I told myself I would never go through
The same journey as that one
But you don’t know that, because
Everything has to be about you

How I adore you as my friend
How proud I was to have met someone
So strong and determined about life
You have passed through tornadoes
And you are still standing
Due to your misunderstanding you
Forfeit a life-time opportunity of my friendship
I could help you
I hope you find refuge in a random one

Who will come to you and change?
Your life for the better
So sorry!
I could be a better friend to you
Because I knew you only for five minutes
And I think I know you more than anything
I bow down and I am out
It has been a privilege to have
Taken this ride with you