My sweet Jeanette is sweet to me;
she’s humble,
she listens
and makes you laugh
at her best.

Talking to her is tranquil
and refreshing
like flowing spring river.

Her views are striking
and sought after
like gold.

When I’m quiet she cares
for she bubbles with love.
My dark dandy with
sunny disposition,
forever young, heart and soul;
tall with the motion of a lion.

Her lineage stretches across
the face of Motherland;
Daughter of the soil;
rooted to her people.
Villagers claim her,
city slickers adore her,
I love her.

My queen bee,
the dreamer of a perfect world;
the nurse of sufferings –
it’s not easy, baby;
your melting smile is enough
your hearty laughter is enough
your big warming eyes are enough;
we love you as you are,
we are content with who you are.