One moment it is very sweet,
It is enjoyable,
It is excellent,

Anything is possible through enthusiasm,
We see shining stars above,
All glory is upon us,
We say life is ‘sweet’.
But we forget the challenging moments,

Some days are a regret,
We wish we could die,
We wish we could disappear,
We wish we could live a life without being noticed,
We wish to live a life without being questioned,
But, who wants to live a real life like a ghost?

That is all madness.

One moment, life is sweet,
Next moment, life is bitter,
We become happy and sad,
We become strong and weak,
We become free and afraid,
But why life is challenging us in this way?

Life is like a staircase,
We start from the beginning,
Our aim is to reach the top,
But the circumstances block us,
We don’t all get to the top,
But what can we say?
Life is sweet and bitter.