The dread hangs in the air…
Every man on the highest of his senses,
every atom in their bodies roused to attention.
The captain says his speech…
Every ear in his need of comfort and word.

“Men! This is the moment!
I can feel it in the air
emanating from all fears and sorrows,
but fear not, men! This will put us among the brave,
the great and the strong.”

The captain stops, looks around at his men,
paces up and down looking into each of his men’s eyes…
All his fellow sailors attentive to his every action, he continues:

“We have heard the tales of shipwrecks, the bodies
and the treasures that lie there, but none…
None have been able to give credence to the tales,
as none have come out to tell the tale.
Alas, if this is the end I bid you all adieu,
you have all served me well over the years.
If we make the journey, we will be a band of brothers for life!
And we will make this journey… AHHHHHHHH!”

The captain pulls out his sword and thrusts the tip skyward.
All his men follow his motion and scream
at the top of their lungs, “AHHHHHHHHHH!”

“Now to your stations!
Are we men or are we mice?” the captain blasts.
“We are men!” the Warwick crew shouts.
“Today is the day of victory!
We will conquer where no crew has before!
To death we sail, for life we strive;
Ready we are, come hell or high water!
(Enter Dead Man’s pass) The tale continues…