Has the mighty storm ended?
Mother’s fury has been roused,
supported by Pat and mercied by Lucile…
Mother and her daughters in conflict display.
Nature at her most absolute force
has fought in oppression,
Just as the very nature of man.

The wind blows hard as the skies clear.
“We must remain at bay, if we are to survive…
Another two days’ journey at best…
Amidst frantic conditions out we sail.
Onward we sail at the world’s mercy.

A hot calm day at sea passes,
but many a sailor is still on edge
as the worst is still to come…Dead Man’s ridge.
The shipwrecked pass in which many a crew has perished
and the Warwick and her crew must pass the dreadful sharp rocks
and narrow canals that shred wood and haul
down to the foundations’ frame.

Dead Man’s pass is here…
“Here free out and we’re home, men!”
“All men to their stations…
This is a testament to our truth.
Rapid currents sweep us in,
fast and quick did we steer and sway…
Mighty helmsman, you our lives keep
in your steady eye and arm sway…
Take us home we all beg!”