(RUMBLE) (Thunder cracks)
The sky is dark
the clouds are thick
rumbling below can be felt,
from Earth’s very core.
It is too calm and quiet here.

Everyone stands still in silence,
not one moves an inch
waiting bodies are frozen in time.
Silence wails its silent song,
everyone can hear this siren
in a deathlike tune.

High tide is coming in,
thunder and lightning
giving its applause,
the calm is broken now…
Here comes the storm.

Hail and heavy rain
pour from the heavens,
in an instant
hailing and wailing men
aboard this tall ship
run about their positions.

Helm master, oarsman and mast captains.
Brigadiers bark their orders…
The ship rises and dips,
like a baby in a cradle of heaving arms.
This is the story of the Warwick and her crew.