You brought me to this world
Your love is more than gold
You make me warm when I’m cold
Momma you are my rock
You always there when I need someone to talk.

When I’m crying you wipe my tears
I trust you, because you take away all fears
Even If you not rich but you still a hero
I will always count on you more than zero.

You are bright like a star shinning
You don’t have to dress to look stunning
You didn’t disown me for my mistakes
I will always try to do good whatever it takes.

To me you my champion
You the one I will always count on
That’s why your love will never lie
You let me to live instead of aborting me to die
If it wasn’t for you there is no me
You make me to believe what I want to be.
Love At First Sight- by Sibusiso Zatu

In the past
Only bereavement
Had been unkind enough
To burst my wells.
And succeed in conjuring tears.

But the first time I saw you;
Cautiously holding you super-tight in my arms
God! I wanted that moment to linger.
So I could savour that opportunity.
I wanted to halt every noise and activity.
So I could attain absolute tranquility.
Enabling me not to miss
Even the faintest of sounds.
Courtesy of your occasional laughter.

My mind had drifted
To places it never travelled.
Profound sentiments had been conjured.
Deep emotions had emerged.
It was after a while that I noticed
The salty liquid streaming down my cheeks.
The source being my eyes.
Yet there was no news of any bereavement.
But an experience of life and health.

My heart had been cleansed.
Every ounce of evil eliminated.
Replenished with love and benevolence.
As I caressed
Your soft tiny hand
I silently made a vow.
That your health
Means my health.
Your illness
My own illness.
I vowed to live for you.
To give you love so true.
This was a father to daughter bond
Never to be dismantled.