Being wealthy is having money to burn
Some enjoying ill-gotten gains
They believe in the language “money talks”
And forget where they come from, busy quoting prices
Rich people don’t have love, they have selfish pride
And believe in “neither for love nor money”
That’s why it’s hard for them to get love
Often they marry for money,
These people lack love because they buy it
And love is worth its weight in gold
I’d rather be loved than rich

Prostitution, drug-selling, and other illegal gains
Are money spinners for the inferior
Though they have consequences that are not worth tears

It’s a different story for us blacks
We have to pick up the tabs and support families
And to succeed we must pay our dues
Though we’re sometimes lazy to strive
And always complain while we wait for SASSA grants
A fool and his money are soon parted
That’s why most black people hate on white people
Because they had a chance but misused it
Jealousy creates anger and eventually hate
We kill for others’ possessions
While we’re busy enjoying these ill-gotten gains
Others are crying for what they’ve lost

I’d rather be educated than have money
Illiteracy makes superiors underestimate and think they control us
In this world its rags to riches
We won’t predict or laugh at one’s misery
For we don’t know what holds their destiny
We let SASSA support us, we never work hard
A dictionary makes one knowledgeable,
Education makes one superior and unstoppable
We must start making love not war
Though some are given cupboard love