But you come up to me
Telling me you love me

Tell me,
What do you expect me to say?
What are you thinking?
How do you feel?

If it was my father doing it to your own child,
How would you feel?
Would you call him selfish?
Would you call him cruel?
Would you call him heartless?
Because that is how I feel about you,
You are a selfish, old and pathetic man.

You kill the nation,
Destroy the stars of tomorrow,
Breaking down the golden cups,
Filling children with diseases,
But you call yourself a man.

You offer me expensive gifts,
Show me expensive cars,
Offering to take me to expensive places,
Thinking I’ll say yes because I can’t afford them.

Well old man, you’re mistaken,
I know I can succeeded without your money,
I know I can make it without you,
I know I can be someone without you,
And I know I can survive without you.

Girls out there,
Don’t let these cruel men ruin you,
Don’t let them take advantage of you,
Don’t let them take your dignity away from you,
Don’t let them use you as objects.

Live for what you believe in,
Believe in yourself,
Respect yourself and your body,
And be who you want to be.