Without warning lighting strikes the highest vantage point twice, life can change instantaneously spontaneously before you can even blink, simultaneously you are going through your worst but love got other plans, hence life is the education for the soul.
What is the hardest decision? When love has no boundaries in your life, when love has no boundaries in your future, when love has no boundaries in your plans, when love has no boundaries in your pain, the first cause to keep your brain and heart separately is that love is not a thought and a feeling but love is unconditional.
Indefinable, unaltered, unfiltered, is purely unconditional, sudden changes in life block the view of love, you have to live to strive until you reach your prime and suddenly you out of time to love, a condition is formed, now love is impure and conditional, expectations are formed, now love is definable, altered, filterable, now love is forgotten and a sudden break-up
Reminds pairs of the unconditional love they had, all the memories flash in their minds like lighting striking twice without warning, all the time spent gives a clear reality of the forgotten promises and great times, blue and grey skies, digital love is more electronically connected than personal love, it is funny how things change when you love someone, ask yourself did you really love enough before the sudden break-up?