Where is that old South Africa, country of love?
The country that promoted universal access.
The country that promoted the virtuousness of humankind.
The country that always put others first.

Substance abuse, you bring our people to a devastated life.
Where is the old South Africa that promotes amalgamation?
Our people are suffering because of you, substance abuse.
Our youth is blind because of you, substance abuse.

Is it a good life for our people to be the victims of drugs?
You, substance abuse.
You came up with junkies.
If you were not here, our parents would not die of heart attacks.

Our youth was born to live a legit life not a devastated one.
How are you going to clean up this mess you, substance abuse?
In our days we have street kids because of you, substance abuse.
Our youth did not even listen to our parents’ admonishments.

If you education, you were not defeated
Then philanthropy would be instilled
So that our people can feel that sense of belonging
Oh no! Stop it substance abuse!
Our people are suffering from hallucinations.