I hate you, you lied to my face
I gave up almost everything for us and what do you do?
You throw it back into my face,
I hate you, you lost my trust
I trusted you and you took advantage of that
I hate you I’m not your doormat
I gave you the benefit of the doubt
And you proved that everyone is right
I hate you, you chose her over me
I thought you actually cared, you selfish jerk
I hate you, you took the fact that I love you as a joke,
As if my tears weren’t enough
I hate you,
You weren’t even man enough to tell me the truth


I have you causing me this senseless heartache
I hate you, you are a selfish
I love you but I am done being treated like bull
I love you but crying over you is just not worth it anymore
I love you but this heartache is too much
You say you love me but they feel like words to me
I love you but I hate you

“I’m sorry I let myself fall for you,
I can’t erase you, forget you; I can’t undo you
I was stupid falling for you,
I wasted my time
Putting my faith, love, trust and honest on someone who doesn’t even care about me

Loving you was just waste of time
All you did will never change,
I will hate you and love you
And just remember that you will always be my baby,
No one will ever know how to change or replace you in my heart