You tend to hold on to past hurts,
Past memories and past regrets
You cannot change.

I understand that things might
Hurt but you cannot keep
Holding unto that,
You have to learn to let go.

Observing from a distance
Just in an instance
I do know & see how life
Was sophisticated
And complicated.

I do understand that
You’ve been rejected,
Stressed, and addicted to bad things.
But why can’t you move on
Go on and grow strong.

Your delay was never a denial
You can still make it
Just don’t fake it
They say Pain is inevitable
But suffering is optional
You can choose to torment yourself
About past hurts or move on.

Do you want to live a fantasy?
Then forget about reality.
Remember my words and bear in mind,
The truth is hard to find.
Stop wasting time on wasted