We grew up thinking that a male is a brother,
A male is a friend, any man is a father to us.
But today it feels like they’re our enemies.

We are scared to even get close to you.
What have we done to deserve this this?
Every day there’s a new case of rape and murder of women.
Where can we be safe if we are not safe in your hands,
Respect yourselves.

Where do you even get guts to rape a 6-year-old child?
Where do you get guts to kill an old woman with no mercy?
You beat your girlfriends for dumping you.
Does that makes you a man?

Please stop raping and killing us,
We are humans just like you.
We don’t deserve this kind of death.
We are your sisters and your children too.
Nothing has changed.
Enough is enough.
Stop Gender Based-Violence.