There is a pain of being told that
you won’t make it just because of
where you come from. There is
pain of being told that you won’t do
it just because of the way you’ve
done doing other things.

But the real pain is when you told
yourself that you can’t do it just
because of how your past looks like.
But, no you can do it because your
past has shaped you.

You have the ability to tap the future in the
shoulder and say “Hey future I’m
here no longer there with my past,
but with you!”

Stop crying about what you think
people may say about you because
people will always talk. More especially
when you doing right not wrong.

Stop crying just because you think
that you may not make it to the finish
line and start running so you will see
the results at the end of the race.

The reason why many people didn’t make
it to the future is because that they’ve
doubted themselves. They thought they
wouldn’t make it to the future and started
giving up along the way. If you have
the binoculars to look back to the past so
will see their bodies lying lifeless.

Stop crying because if you really have
the hunger to make it, you will.
Because you’ve already told yourself
that you will make it.

If you really have the hunger to see the
future you won’t cry but you will wake
up today and run so fast. You’ll work so
hard because your hunger is to see the
future. You’ll no longer seat back with the past
because it was just the trials of
your life and the real work is there in your future.

So stop crying and show them that you are
determined to do it. You are no longer here to waste
time because your time is now so do it with
pride and smile. Because, this life is your
own race; not for anybody else but yours.