Bullies suffer from an acute syndrome of jealousy.
Bullies feels a painful cringe in the gut,
When they see learners being happy.
They are sweaty in the palms and they feel irregular heart palpitations
When they think the learner is succeeding.
They stutter and develop sudden shifty eye syndrome
When the learner raises their hand in class.
Bullies have nightmares about learners succeeding
Beyond what they observe,
And that is causing them a lack of appetite.
They’re own personal growth is hindered severely,
As they try to manufacture new ways of bullying.
If you are a real true learner,
You wouldn’t be ashamed of learners who make it.
You would not reach far,
With this bad behaviour.
Stop being addicted to bullying:
Stop hurting other learners at school.
I am obviously against it.
Quiet learners are the victim of it.
Some have failed to implement their dreams.
Some have failed to ignore jagged words.
Some have dropped out of school, not by their own choice.
I won’t even mention those learners,
Hence they know themselves
What they have done.
I sincerely think
That no school should allow bullying.