Within you I saw a woman I could trust.
You possessed a certain degree of honestly and loyalty
that made me comfortable enough to let you into my life.

You became my inner soul,
we became so close in such a short period of time
that it was unbelievable that we met 2 years ago.

In that short space we created our own family, our circle grew wider.
When it grew it made me realise we were not equals.
You were far superior.

You possessed way too many human qualities & traits.
You became somebody I admired and respected, somebody I looked up to.
My Hero.

You gave me a family and turned my house into a warm home
and showed me what love is.
You truly were special to me and I’m happy I got to tell you that every time.

You haven’t left us, your spirit is with us.
As I journey I am not alone, you are always by my side.
The smile on our daughter’s face reminds me of yours every time.

All these little signs she possesses,
they help me to believe that death is not the end
and you’re still here with us.